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Come to Mary’s House

Hope you all enjoy the show!

I will play close to 7, then Melanie Keller and then Al Slavik. Thanks for watching!!



I have started a series of concerts in my home in Los Angeles, a happy little studio on the east side that to me for some reason feels like a tree house. We even streamed the show online and we will be doing it again!

I really love it here and since it is a free-standing second floor studio above space only used for storage, I share no walls so I can practice and play music at any time – it is like living in a practice/recording studio – my dream come true honestly!

I thought it would be a waste to not open this up to other musicians, friends and new listeners. We had our first house show last month and it was a really special night. We broadcast the show online and we plan to do the same for the next one, hopefully hosting one a month.

We are calling the nights “The Assembly” – a name David Air came up with (who is an incredible artist and actor helping me host the shows, do sound, streaming, and play music as well). I like how it reminds me of the funnest thing that would happen in school – missing math class because we had an Assembly about something neat like a magician was performing for our school, or the drama club wanted to show us their dress rehearsal. In short, it is a lot of people coming together for something fun and special.

Our next Assembly will be Nov 9th – details will follow shortly and the live video will be streamed on this website.

I hope you can come over!



If you like what you hear!

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Album Preview

Hey Guys!

Hope you all are doing great!

I made a video of snippets of some demos of a bunch of songs I am in the process of recording final versions of for my new album. Its a taste of what I’ve been working on lately so I thought I would give you a sneak peek :)

Thank you for listening!

The Kickstarter mentioned in the video is over and I am happy to say, WAS SUCCESSFUL!! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me, it means the world!

The Kickstarter will fund the recording of the first five songs. If you missed the Kickstarter and would like to still donate to the album fund (to help record the rest of the songs beyond the first five) you can donate at this button below. The same rewards will apply for all donations as were given in the kickstarter, which you can view by clicking here.

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Mary’s Kickstarter Campaign for the first 5 songs was successful! It has closed but if you would still like to donate to help record the whole album, click this button:

Thank you!


Mary has been working hard in LA the last year and a half writing and narrowing down songs for her new album.  She is excited to start the recording process!

To view Mary’s closed Kickstarter click here!


Beat the video game, win Mary’s new song!

I want to to share a new song I have written and recorded called Enough. It is about focusing on the important things in life while trying to fight the distractions. With the help of my brother, game designer William Brierly, and illustration artist Retri, we have released this song in video game form. Players must beat the game to win the mp3! Give it a try HERE!

Good luck!



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Live at the Assembly

I am so excited that we will soon be starting these shows in the coming months, playing and booking other awesome So-Cal talent. Maybe even when we have some east coasters roll through we can get them to join in as well :)